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move and jump - attack
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以怪兽进化为主题的新颖塔防游戏, 考验您策略,养成,预判等能力, 当前为先行版本,星灵,尸族等多个种族稍后将会与大家见面,敬请期待! 基本操作: W,S,A,D控制方向,鼠标左键攻击, E吞吃,F施放技能,R使用500金钱回复基地2000血量, 起塔阶段ESC取消,塔升级直接点击已建好的塔图标。 Control: W,S,A,D for directions, Left_Click for attack, E for swallowing, F for using skill, R for recovering the HP of the base, Press ESC to cancel when building the Tower, Click on the Tower icon for upgrading.
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